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Best Artisan Cocktails in Hong Kong

Artisan Cocktails included fresh ingredients, homemade mixers and premium liquors, as well as proper ice and more importantly - Drink Styling!

M Bar at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Cocktail styling

Monkey shoulder whiskey greenapple toffee milk doughnut sweet-desserts-drinks ( Tap the image to find out location )

F for Figs perfect for friday HH

F for Figs!

Floral cocktails

Floral cocktails

The Woods

Fennel fairy whitepepper caraway seed infused tito's vodka sauvigonblanc fresh mandarinjuice lemonzest syrup rinse of absinthe

Chamomile bee's

Four-pepper Margarita

Apple Brandy

Honeydew sake


Earl grey caviar martini

Marshmallow Duo

Roselle: slowcooked homemade hibiscus sadbariffa syrup beefeater gin balanced with sweet&sour

Old Fashioned

Lavender meringue pie a balance of sweet marshmallow foam and zesty limoncello along with the fragrant characters from the re-distilled lavender gin

Aberdeen Street Social

Bitters & Twisted in fancy cocktail glass

Down Mexico way

The Pawn Botenicals Bar

nikeynikBday drin#mojito #oldfashion #aintnobodaygotthymeforthat

Left: Mojito / Right: Ain't No Body Got Thyme For That / Below: Old Fashion

Stockton HK

Romantic creamy rose petals cocktails

Creamy Rose Petals Cocktails

Bar Butler Shelter

Vodka based Passion fruit cocktail


Banana Split cocktail

Banana Split Cocktails

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