Tak Chun Group Uniform Design Contest 2018

Winner of Tak Chun Group design contest 2018

 Designer: Nicole Tam

「德晉集團制服設計比賽」設計師譚杏懿冠軍作品《 晉步 》

Macau Closer Magazine Editorial Issue Jul/Aug 2018

Fashion Rejuvenation—Exhibition of Eco-Friendly and Functional Fashion by TTF X CPTTM X MGF

Concept: Vibrancy

Designer/Styling: Nicole Tam

CTT Frontline Uniform Design Contest 2017

Winner of CTT frontline uniform design contest by Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau 2017 

 Designer: Nicole Tam


Photo source from Macao Daily News

10th World Supermodel Production | Super Model Contest 2017


In total, some 40 models from 26 countries and regions, as well as their international production crew, converged on the city for a busy week of photoshoots, media events and catwalks, culminating in a final crowning ceremony of the winner.  

Local up-and-coming model Annabelle Lin represented Macau at the event, wearing designs by Macau fashion designer Nicole Tam.  On the big night, Annabelle made it into the top 14 finalists and was ultimately crowned Best Swimwear model.  


The World Supermodel Production was not just about the models.  It also placed an emphasis on the contestants wearing outfits designed by talent from their home countries and regions.  Macau’s representative Anabelle Lin wore outfits created by local designer Nicole Tam, founder of her recent startup company ANtitled Ltd.   And it required all her creative inspiration to get everything ready in just two weeks. “I had one night to decide if I could pull this off.  I had to think of three outfits, but I thought I could do it,” explains Nicole. 


The only information she was given was that the outfits had to be a ‘business theme’.  And to make things even more challenging, at the time she began designing the outfits, she didn’t even know who the model would be.

“I started without measuring the model as she hadn’t been chosen yet.  Later I got the measurements and went to the factory in China and pushed them to finish in 5 days.” 


Describing her idea for the business wear, Nicole explains: “The ‘One belt and one road’ is a hot topic at the moment so that was the inspiration for the belt design.  It had a special print with a lotus flower design to represent Macau, so kind of celebrating the whole idea of connecting with girls from the rest of the world.


“The evening wear is also inspired by a mens’ suit.  The lapel has a very dramatic flower petal shape, together with like a pants suit.  I was trying to make her look different because I know that at these events everyone wears very similar outfits like dresses. So I wanted to be different and fit the business theme.” - Interview by Macau Closer Magazine June 2017 | Featured Closer Look | Mark Phillips | Alice Kok 

Photos Eduardo Martins | Macau Closer

World Supermodel Contest was held in Macau Tower


Macau Daily | Vakio Daily | Cheng Pou | Macau Times


Suncity Group | Winner of Uniform Design Contest



Ms. Nicole Tam - founder of ANtitled receive the winner of the uniform design contest from Philip Wong - CFO at Suncity Group. The award is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of Suncity Group in 2017. 


The concept of this uniform collection not just to enhance the brand image but also combining technology and eco-friendly elements into the fabric so the employee can perform at their best to provide excellent service to guests. 


The awards ceremony was held at Sheraton Macau ballroom Feb-27-2017. The contest has total 51 local designers participate in Nov 2016.

From left:

Suncity Group Management team presenting the uniform design by the winner Nicole Tam at the catwalk show.

Uniform collection: Public Relations, Accountant, Customer Service, Membership and Waitress.

Photo source from Suncity Group

Grand Lisboa Palace Dealer Uniform Design Contest


Ms. Nicole Tam - founder of ANtitled receive the first runner-up for Grand Lisboa Palace Dealer Uniform Design Contest. 


The awards ceremony was held at Grand Ballroom of Grand Lisboa Jan-11-2017. The contest has total 48 local designers participate in Aug 2016.

Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A. (“SJM”), Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (“CPTTM”), and Macao Chamber of Commerce (“MCC”) have jointly organised the Grand Lisboa Palace Dealer Uniform Design Contest in last August to promote the development of cultural industries in Macau, support local designers, and create business opportunities for local small- and medium-sized enterprises, especially “Micro Enterprise”, “Made in Macau” and “Young Entrepreneurs”

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