ANtitled takes the concept of the name and mission statement from artist’s artwork “Untitled”. Artists offer the opportunity to the audience to visualize. An artwork needs to stand out to inspired people. 


ANtitled® is an award-winning corporate uniform company. Our mission is to provide timeless design concepts and sustainable end-to-end solutions to accommodate prestigious clientele. We specialize in exclusive uniform design included VIP gaming, Michelin-starred restaurant, FOH, and Ambassador team. Our focus on sustainability is to enhance the brand image of our customers and to inspire global-minded consumers.


Founder & Creative Director Nicole Tam worked as a design consultant at Cintas Corporation. A US-based Fortune 500 apparel company and fashion supply chains in China and United States since 2005. In 2015, she founded the first workwear brand focus on promoting sustainable uniform solutions and continues to bring brand values to the corporate companies in Macau. 


The designer had received several awards included Melco Resorts and Entertainment, Grand Lisboa Palace, Suncity Group, Tak Chun Group, CTT Macao Post, and Telecommunications Bureau through the uniform designs competitions. She represented Macau received the Excellency Award in Dalian Cup International Youth Fashion Design Contest.


In 2016, Nicole had received a subsidy from Cultural Affairs Bureau Macao to continue her Master's Degree in Fashion and Textiles/Global Fashion Management at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Master's program allows emerging fashion-leaders and executives in the international fashion industry. The participating companies such as GPShopper, G-III Apparel Group, Windowswear.com, engaged in interviewing and discussion with Bruno Pavlovsky - Fashion President of Chanel, Sidney Toledano - President and CEO of Christian Dior Couture, and Executive VP of Hermès - Guillaume de Seynes during the Fashion Seminars of New York and Paris. 






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We are searching for new talented designers to work with from around the world. We work closely with Lifestyle/Fashion magazines and Film industry in Asia. Through our collaboration platform, we can help you gain recognition in Asia and take your brand to the next level. Inspire us and let us create effortlessly chic look to inspire others.

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